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“ ... I am the director of a small company that undertakes software development for use in environmental modelling and management. The web pages for that software are hosted by Echo Valley Graphics Inc.

I am happy to say that my experiences with Echo Valley Graphic in general, and with Tony Wirebach in particular, have been very good indeed. Production of a web page is far from my core business. Nevertheless I wanted to be able to create and maintain my own web pages so that I could make changes at will, and eliminate the cost of having to find someone to do this for me. The C4Site Factory provided by Echo Valley Graphics has enabled me to do this. I have been able to set up and maintain a set of web pages with ease, and maintain and upgrade them over time as and when needed, with limited interruptions to the many other tasks which I need to undertake.

Most important of all, however, has been the fact that on the rare occasions that I did encounter problems, and then sought help from Tony through email, that help was provided immediately. Hence I have never felt that I was “on my own”, or that my problems were too small or troublesome to receive attention.

In light of the above, I would have no hesitation in recommending Echo Valley Graphics to others in my position.”

Dr. John Doherty, WNC, www.PESThomePage.org

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