Web Development:

Web Development is both and ART and a SCIENCE ... It combines the subjective goals of communicating aesthetic value and the objective goals of form and functionality. It's electronic packaging for your business; it delivers information and elicits a response from your visitors. It offers a space to share resources, and a 24/7 storefront for new prospects around the globe. It enables your business to extend its reach and accessibility like never before in World history.

With few exceptions, There are 4 basic parts of any web site:

  • Brand / Image (Who you are, how you look)
  • Navigation (How do you get to each page)
  • Content (Text, Graphics, Video, etc.)
  • Functionality (Contact forms/online stores/special tricks, etc...)

Everyone wants to be on the Internet, but, what do you want to do when you get there? Before you hang up your shingle on the Web, have you looked at your site from from your Visitors' Point of View? Does your site Look like it should for the products or services you offer, and is it refreshingly different enough to stand out from the crowd in your industry? Does it load quickly and predictably, across different browsers and platforms? Is it easy to find what you are looking for?

How does your current site stack up in each of these areas ... ?

  • Is your brand Clean, Clear and Consistent across the site?
  • Is your site easy to Navigate, in multiple directions and by various means?
  • Is your Content concise and helpful to your visitors?
  • Does your site Do what you want it to do: Collect Prospects, Increase Sales, or Improve Internal Efficiency?

Since before its inception in 2000, Echo Valley Graphics has embraced the Internet platform as a fantastic way for clients, partners, and customers to get things done. Truly, when it comes to web technology, you are only limited by your own imagination. What is it you want to say? We can help you say it...

Some examples of the types of Web Development projects we can do for you...

  • Web Applications
  • Contact Forms & Control Panel Access
  • Photo Galleries
  • Online Stores
  • Online Manuals & Documentation
  • Database Management Controls

Visit our Web Site Samples Page for some examples of our work...

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